Steering Committee

Alton Garrison - Assemblies of God

Andrea Summers - The Wesleyan Church

Barbara Jeffery - The Salvation Army 

Barry Callen - Church of God Ministries, Anderson

Ben Tolly - Free Methodist Church

Benjamin L. Hartley - United Methodist Church

Bernie van de Walle - Christian & Missionary Alliance 

Brian Eckhardt - The Evangelical Church 

Bud Pugh - Church of the Nazarene

Carla Sunberg - Church of the Nazarene

Carron Odokarra - Church of God, Anderson / WHWC

Chuck Sunberg - Church of the Nazarene

Dan Copp - Church of the Nazarene

Dan Schafer - World Gospel Mission

Dave Imboden - WHC

Dave Jeffrey - The Salvation Army

David Drury - The Wesleyan Church

David Kendall - Free Methodist Church

Dean Hinson - The Salvation Army

Don Thorsen - Azusa Pacific University

Fawn Imboden - WHC/America's Christian Credit Union

Ildo Mello - Free Methodist Church Brazil

James Pedlar - Toronto Regional Coordinator, Tyndale

Jerry Kester - Church of the Nazarene

John Richardson - Church of God in Christ

John Stumbo - Christian & Missionary Alliance

Jonathan Raymond - WHC At Large Member

Julie Gray - Free Methodist Church / WHWC

Karen Jones-Porter - Church of the Nazarene

Kevin Mannoia - Wesleyan Holiness Consortium 

Kimberly Dirmann - The Foursquare Church

Lucia Delamarter - Free Methodist Church

Luke Embree - Brethren in Christ

Lynn Thrush - Brethren in Christ 

Mari Gonlag - Southern Wesleyan University

MaryAnn Hawkins - Church of God, Anderson - Anderson University School of Theology

Melvin Aquino - Wesleyan Church Philippines

Mendell Thompson  - America's Christian Credit Union

Mike Palmer - Church of the Nazarene

Oscar Owens - West Angeles Church of God in Christ

Patrick Styers - The Wesleyan Church

Robert Langat - Africa Gospel Church - Africa

Roger Green - The Salvation Army

Shirley Mullen - WHC Presidents Network

Soo Ji Alvarez - Free Methodist Church

Steve Tourville - Assemblies of God

Susan Armstrong - Church of the Nazarene / WHWC

Tim Gaines - Trevecca University

Trisha Welstad - Leadership Center


August 11, 2020
Conversations with Kevin
"Leader Worship Online"
with Nova Page

September 25, 2020
New Room Conference
"A Night With New Room"

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